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590 Course Syllabus

Note that KCL is Kings College London and it is in the neighborhood called the "Strand". One day (the day of the symposium) we are at the KCL Waterloo campus, one day at the British Library (a relatively close walk from Bloomsbury housing), one day in Oxford (via train), and one in Cambridge (via train.)

Kings College London (KCL) is in the neighborhood called the "Strand".
Your housing is in Bloomsbury. One day (the day of the symposium) we are at the KCL Waterloo campus, one day at the British Library, one day in Oxford (via train), and one in Cambridge (via train.)

All teaching is in a room on KCL campus and almost all visits will start from there except for those to the British Library, Oxford and Cambridge. You can assume that all regular days the start time will be 9-00 but try to arrive earlier. The time when the room will be open and when coffee etc will become available later when the detailed programme has been put together. There is the symposium on the first Thursday. See below for directions.

The nearest “tube” station is Goodge Street. It is about five minutes walk from Astor. Here is the map.,0,14879257368195476363&ei=PFt9UeyQG6mY0QWh3YG4Cw&ved=0CJQBEPwSMAE. You are on the Northern Line and you go south (three stops) to Charing Cross. That is easy. There are no complications. All trains going south go to Charing Cross.

Charing Cross “tube”/ underground station is quite large. You aim for the exit which says Strand. There is a clear schematic map which shows exactly where KCL strand campus is at  The only complication once you are on the Strand is to make sure that you are going in the right direction along the Strand. If you see Trafalgar Square in front you are going in the wrong direction. I guess the campus is about ten minutes walk from Charing Cross.

The whole journey will take not more than 30 minutes but (alas) the trains will be crowded.

You can also go by bus. It is much more pleasant. Here are some more directions. Go back to the first map listed showing the location of Astor. Walk East across Tottenham Court Road to Gower Street. This will take about ten minutes. Gower street is one way going South (Tottenham Road has the same buses going north). Bus stops are obvious. Catch a 24 to 29 to Trafalgar Square. The stops are announced in time for you to press to tell the driver to stop.  Go back to the second map. This shows that Trafalgar Square is at one end of the Strand. Walk East past Charing Cross to the KCL campus. The walk will take less than 15 minutes. The whole journey will take about 40 minutes.

The bus maps are not that good but if you use the PDF at and zoom you can work it out.

On Thursday, for the symposium, registration will start ~ 8-45 and the symposium proper will start at 9-30. Take the same tube from Goodge and go two more stops to Waterloo. Waterloo is a particularly difficult tube station to exit. You can see from the second map above where you need to get too. There are two buildings on the Waterloo campus of KCL and it is almost certainly the Wilkins building. Confirmation and detailed directions are forthcoming. The buildings are quite close and thus you can assume 30 minutes door to door. If you find you like the bus go on the same bus and get off at Trafalgar and you can get  to KCL Waterloo campus within ten minutes on foot across the river.

The most important thing is to get an Oyster card as soon as you arrive. See instructions on

Do not wait until you set off on Tuesday morning as the machines at the small Goodge Street station will be very busy.