Amber Owens

Hometown:Amber Owens

Oak Ridge, TN; Las Vegas, NV; Huntsville, AL


East Tennessee State University

Bachelor of Science: Chemistry

Bachelor of Arts: Literature and Language 

Why she applied to SciData:

The allure of new exciting field challenges that marry a host of interdisciplinary backgrounds was what drew her initially.  After hearing more about the role of information professionals as mediators in translating knowledge, the task seemed to wonderfully coalesce with her personal interests. Her research on women and social justice was directly tied to the goal of effective information dissemination and education to best utilize aspects of that knowledge. Contributing to communication on a global scale in a way that influences decision making and constitutes change is what lights her fire.

She believes that the field of information science is an exciting discipline and sees it as a perfect conduit for her passions and varied interests. Amber considers it a privilege to work with the Department of Information Science and the SciData program in their quest toward similar goals, fluency and application in a technological age.

More about Amber:

Currently Amber is working as a student intern on a project with DataONE and its member nodes. The goal of the project is to facilitate data sharing by helping manage a depository for members in the scientific community in order to increease the integrity of and grant access to scientific information.

Aside from simply creating a clearinghouse for data as metadata, they offer educational tools so that member nodes can succeed in maintaining collections via software, technology, etc. Her role in the project as an intern is to provide an outside layman, perspective to some aspects of external presentation as well as brainstorm about ways to recruit the optimal number of operable member nodes.

In line with her own interests, she hopes to provide some insight into potential, sociocultural considerations.  She also hopes to advance her knowledge of data management and software as well as the particulars of effective collaboration which is the cornerstone of effective communication.