Chad Mitchell

Hometown:Chad Mitchell

New Orleans, LA


University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Bachelor of Arts: Psychology with concentrations in research methods and statistical analysis

Why he applied to SciData:

The interdisciplinary design and collaborative approach of the SciData program—and the School of Information Sciences in general—were major factors in my decision to apply. Broadly, I am interested in the ecology and evolution of scientific (and statistical) data and how it can be more effectively and efficiently utilized. More specifically, my research interests include: Complexity theory and synergistic effects of collaborative science and shared data; big data analytics and knowledge discovery; scientific data growth and sustainability (especially the trade off between diversity and redundancy of data). 

More about Chad:

Currently, Chad is working on dynamic (i.e., temporal) network analysis and visualization, focusing on scientific collaborations and topological evolution. More specifically, his overall aim is to better understand the macroscopic topology of science collaboration networks.

Chad has lived and worked on both coasts and in between.  Despite his previous travels, Knoxville has been his home for the last five years. Overall, his work history is diverse, involving mostly service industry management positions. He also designed and coordinated outdoor travel programs for various YMCA's in Northern California; and taught rock-climbing, sea-kayaking, and primitive camping skills to hundreds of inner-city teens in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Aside from management and designing adaptive outdoor travel programs, he also gained experience conducting research (social psychology) and handling scientific data while at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.