Chelsea Williamson-Barnwell

Chelsea Williamson-BarnwellHometown:

Knoxville, TN


Maryville College

Bachelor of Arts: Biochemistry

Minor: Accounting and Business

Why she applied to SciData:

I am excited to be joining the SciData Program because I feel like it is a perfect blend of my loves of science and information. I am interested in how scientific data is published and used in new research breakthroughs in medical and science applications. Throughout my time studying biochemistry at Maryville College, my skills of collecting and interpreting data have helped me to better understand the science I studied. I am excited to enhance those skills in this program and look forward to a deeper knowledge of scientific data.

More about Chelsea:

Chelsea's current student position is at ORNL Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) for Biogeochemical Dynamics. This position allows her to gain practical experience to work with scientific data. The experience aligns well with her interest in facilitating data communication between the researcher and the scientific community, and contributing to a more open and accessible body of data for scientific development.

Chelsea's academic interests have focused on the sciences.  She is particularly interested in how new developments in the field of information science, like information policy and big data, are impacting scientific research and promoting new discoveries.

Her skills include laboratory experimentation, technical data analysis, and knowledge of various scientific databases.  She is interested in areas such as information policy, information security, and collaboration between scientific communities because of their ability to limit or enhance the usability and accessibility of data.  She hopes to work with government-funded scientific researchers in support of their data needs.