Danny Mehta

Hometown:Danny Mehta

Atlanta, GA


University of Georgia, Athens

Bachelor of Arts: English with a concentration in Seventeenth-Century Poetry and Renaissance Revenge Tragedies

Why he applied to SciData:

I chose to apply to the SciData Scholars program because I thought it would provide me a powerful foundation for a future in biostatistics (perhaps in the public health field).  I'm also generally interested in data curation and various kinds of digital archiving.

More about Danny:

Danny is currently interning at Lincoln Memorial University’s nursing library.  At this internship, he hopes to help new nursing students learn how to use the library's resources for research purposes, work on projects dealing with consumer health, and generally sharpen his database skills. For his undergraduate work, Danny attended The University of Georgia in Athens, GA, graduating with a BA in English, emphasizing Renaissance poetry, Russian literature, and Latin love poetry.  He loved Athens so much that he decided to live there shortly after graduating, teaching literature to UGA’s student-athletes and spending summers teaching gifted youngsters creative writing and the evolution of vampires and zombies in films and books.

When it came time to attend graduate school, Danny knew the SciData program would be a good fit, especially since it jived with his many interests in data curation and archiving. He is currently most passionate about the health sciences, including consumer health, health literacy, disaster health, and the overwhelming need for a universal health record.