Rob Christensen

Hometown:Rob Christensen

Vista, CA (childhood); Norman, OK; Knoxville, TN


Palomar Community College

Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences

California State University, San Marcos

Bachelor of Arts in Social Science

University of California, Riverside

Ryan Single Subject Teaching Credential (Social Science)

University of California, San Diego

Supplemental Authorization to Single Subject Teaching Credential (Computer Applications and Concepts)

California State University, Long Beach

Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

University of Oklahoma

Doctor of Philosophy in Instructional Psychology and Technology

Why he applied to SciData: I believe that my formal academic training and previous employment provided me the opportunity and skills to understand and use scientific data, but I applied to the SciData program to refine my current knowledge and skills related to scientific data and develop new skills related to the management, structure, storage, and proper use of scientific data – including statistical data.

More about Rob: In Fall, 2013, Rob is currently applying his previous knowledge and skills in educational psychology and instructional design along with newly acquired knowledge and skills to work with the United States Geological Survey to analyze usability of web based science tools and statistical data. Specifically, he is currently in a collaborative process of conducting usability studies to enhance and improve web based information science tools used by USGS to manage data.

Beyond his academic interests related to SciData, he is working with former colleagues on the effects of audiobooks in reading comprehension and interests of middle level students.  He and his colleagues and are working on final revisions to a manuscript and are looking forward to the publishing of the manuscript in the School Library Research Journal in the near future.