Sandra McLean

Hometown: Sandra McLean

Knoxville, TN


University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Bachelor of Science: Communication Studies with a concentration in Science Writing Minor: Biological Sciences

Why she applied to SciData:

SciData offers an opportunity to work in the field of science in a more direct and lasting way. Science writing is ephemeral. A science story that takes weeks of research and writing instantly becomes old news as it is replaced by tomorrow’s story. I believe my skills - researching, interviewing, writing, revising, and adhering to the highest standards of accuracy - make SciData a good fit for me. My ability to work with the researchers, to understand and then communicate their findings clearly to an audience, seems a natural fit with a career in making science data accessible.

More about Sandra:

Sandra has worked as a science writing intern at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OCLF) in Oak Ridge, TN, AARP the Magazine (ATM) in Washington, D.C., and the University of Tennessee Office of Communications in Knoxville, TN. Her press releases, science news and feature articles have appeared on the websites of the Department of Energy, the National Association of Science Writers, ScienceDaily, the OLCF, the University of Tennessee, and the UTK student news site, TNJN, as well as in the 2012-13 OLCF Annual Report, in AARP the Magazine, in Scoop Magazine, and linked in a New York Times science article.

Sandra has also competed in three national science and medical writing competitions.  In 2012, Sandra was one of ten student science writers to attend and report on the annual Beckman Initiative on Macular Research, selected by Barbara Culliton, former editor of Nature magazine. Sandra attended the discussion groups and wrote the summary on nanotechnology research

In February 2011, she was selected in the National Association of Science Writers competition as one of ten student journalists to receive a fellowship to attend and report on American Association for the Advancement of Science Convention

Sandra was a top ten finalist in the Collegiate Science Journalist competition October 2010, winning expenses to travel and interview collegiate inventors and a trip to Washington, D.C. for the awards ceremony.

Sandra's goal is to continue to work in science writing, taking the important work of researchers, and sharing it with the public.